Nelly Furtado @ Lançamento de novo detergente ecológico, Tide Purclean™

Tide junta-se a Nelly Furtado para lançar o novo detergente ecológico, Tide Purclean™ no Evergreen Brick Works, em Toronto (17 de Novembro de 2016)

“As a parent, I consider the products, and their ingredients, that I use at home and with my family, as well as making sustainable choices whenever I can. This includes how we conduct our laundry—washing with cold water, limiting the amount of loads per week and choosing the right laundry detergent,” 

“I’m thrilled that a brand I trust, like Tide has created an environmentally-friendly laundry detergent that actually works, but is also gentle on fabrics. I’m honoured to team up with them as they launch NEW Tide purclean and work with Tide to bring attention to WWF-Canada’s Count for Nature movement, and invite Canadians to take action with me.”

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