Nelly Furtado - "Spirit Indestructible" (Video com letra oficial)

This is the official lyric video for "Spirit Indestructible."

I decided to feature my friend Spencer West in it. Spencer has just finished an incredible climb up Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness and financial support for clean water projects in Africa.

Spencer is a true hero who knows how to "redefine his possible" every day. I wrote this song in tribute to humanity, as I believe we are all capable of triumphing over whatever obstacle life brings. The spirit indestructible is in all of us. People like Spencer have proven this to me.

Here's what Spencer had to say when he saw this video:

"Spirit Indestructible is amazing and has such a powerful message. I am extremely humbled to be featured along side of such a inspirational song. The clips that were chosen for the lyrics are awesome and although its only been a few weeks, seeing them brought back so many memories from our climb!" Spencer West

To learn more about Spencer's story and his continuing journey of giving , visit:

Love, Nelly
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